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Hi! My name is Jackie Campbell. I'm a fifth-generation Door County "native"  (my great-great grandparents immigrated here from Sweden) and I am the "head maker"  for Door County Wildflower Candles & More. I work hard to bring beautiful, purposeful candles that honor the Door Peninsula, into the world...right from our year-round home on Beach Road in Sister Bay. 

I have had a deep admiration for the natural beauty of the Door Peninsula since I was very young. My first memories are in the woods behind my childhood home in Ephraim; climbing the bluffs of the Niagara Escarpment.  As I grow older, I have developed an even-deeper respect for this beautiful place, where I am now raising my own family. (I have a three year old daughter and infant son.)

In every candle, I seek to honor the charming, natural character for which this peninsula is known. In doing so, every piece is made with love, starting with hand-harvested wildflowers and natural elements.

Once harvested each piece of foliage is dried or pressed by hand.. Once completely dried, each flower, petal, leave and herb are thoughtfully laid in a candle; scented to match the foliage. Aromas are all ones that can be in nature in Door County (more on scents below). 

Although I do most of the "leg work" for this little labor-of-love, my husband Seth is the backbone and "brains" of the operation. He is a multi-talented graphic designer, photographer, artist and even chef; and is the primary reason I am able to work to grow this little operation. Together we are Door County Wildflower Candles & More... Thanks for reading, we look forward to making you the candle of your dreams!

The Sustainable Candle

The mission of Door County Wildflower Candles is to produce sustainably-made, handcrafted candles and wax melts that provide an aromatic and nostalgic experience; honoring the character of the Door County Peninsula, its arts community and unique natural features.

Candles and wax melts are made with the most natural, sustainable products found on the Door Peninsula and beyond:

Coconut Wax:  Coconut wax is made from the "meat" of the coconut - a plentiful and easy-to-grow crop found in several parts of the southern hemisphere. The wax we purchase is harvested by-hand in South America by indigenous tribes. . 

Natural Cotton Wicks: Most sustainable wicks available, lead and zinc-free. 

Up-cycled Containers: All containers are up-cycled, no new-production.

"Clean Burning" Fragrance Oils: Scientifically formulated fragrance oils free of carcinogens, mutagens and other commonly-found reproductive toxins. 

Hand-harvested, pressed and dried natural elements: All of the flowers, leaves and other natural elements found in candles and wax melts are sustainably harvested in Sister Bay, Door County, Wisconsin. 


Email: doorcountywildflowercandles@gmail.com

Phone (Text/Call): (920) 421-0867

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/doorcountywildflowercandles

Instagram: @docowildflowercandles