Wildflower Candle Safety

Wildflower Candles are Safer than you May Think!

All candles are an inherent fire hazard. The addition of dried natural elements in our candles makes them a slightly greater hazard, if not burned properly and with caution.

Here are a few, easy steps you can take to ensure a safe and successful burn each time you light your Door County Wildflower Candle:

1.) Do not burn ANY candle unattended. This is the "golden rule" of any flammable object, candle or otherwise. 

2.) Discontinue use when 1/2" of the wax remains. The dried elements catch fire easiest when there is no wax to buffer them from an open flame. Allowing your candle to burn too low, or to burn out completely can also heat your vessel very high (even if it is a vessel specially-made for candles) causing it to crack or shatter.

Here is a video for additional reference: 

3.) Keep candle wick trimmed to 1/4" to keep flame size from getting too large. 

Here is a video for additional reference: 

4.) Remove larger natural elements to prevent them from catching fire. When the wax is melted enough, remove any larger leaves, flowers or other natural elements. If a natural element catches fire, extinguish your candle immediately.

5.) Burn at least 1 hour per inch of diameter, each time you light your candle (especially the first time!) This ensures an even burn (the full surface area of the candle). It also reduces the chances of tunneling, and dry natural elements becoming exposed to flames.

6.) Keep away from children, pets and drafty areas.