The Roots of Door County Wildflower Candles

About four or five years ago I first got this crazy idea to start making every single one of my home-based products. From shampoo and conditioner to soap and dishwasher detergent, I tried making it all, and spent a LOT of money and time doing it.

Not long into laboring in my small, apartment kitchen over messy batches of soap and hardening batches of dish washer detergent, I realized that there were several products that I really did not enjoy making. However, I DID enjoy making deodorant, room spray and, surprisingly, candles.

Candles were something I only started to make in order to "accompany" the little gift baskets I would give my friends on their birthdays or special occasions. These usually had soaps, room sprays and other home products I thought were far more "impressive". 

Eventually, I started getting more and more compliments on my candles, and I really started enjoying the processes of making them. I started adding roses and lavender I had harvested in my back yard to the wax. This was mostly a way to use the flowers up (other than in soap, which I was starting to realize was a bit more labor-intensive than I was looking for), but also to add a little something "extra" to honor the place they were harvested.

The primary goal of the Door County Wildflower Candles brand has always been to honor the character of the Door Peninsula with a sustainably-produced, quality product. The dedication we have shown to this goal since the very beginning of this home-based endeavor has, in itself, created a product we are proud to share with the world. Each and every one of our candles is a one-of-a-kind piece, with a scent, spirit, and story that embody the unique nature of this great peninsula. 

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